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Five Killed at Camp Liberty, Iraq by Soldier with PTS: Pres. Obama was surprised..?!

I can hear the machines going round and round again in Washington. The President and Congress will look into it…Their Generals and Admirals will repeat the promises of doing something about it…and I can’t help but be reminded that in my lifetime I’ve heard this so many times from the same kinds of people. Or, [...]

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OPERATION WARD 57 Donation Campaign Begins!

“Would you like to help wounded veterans?” Please read on…   May 1, 2009 One of many Operation Ward 57 aids in recovery! In the summer of 1986, I was one of a group of four men hurriedly moving into position to defend a section of wall during what was quickly becoming a successful base [...]

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Book Donation Campaign for OPERATION Ward 57 coming this week!

And it rises up even further… Great intro for our donation campaign we’ll be conducting with and for Operation Ward 57 this week. Until the page is up  by this Friday, please visit them now:

Filed in Books,Press/Media No Responses yet THE BAMBOO CHEST rises to 98K!

For the first time since it was at #2 for three weeks on in 2004, The Bamboo Chest has risen to above 100K in ranking!

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PTSD versus PTSR

In beginning the new launch of the site dedicated to helping those confronting post-traumatic stress, started with the book that went to #2 for three weeks on’s Topseller list in 2004, I’m going to look directly at the wording used to describe what I prefer to call Post-Traumatic Stress Response (PTSR). And far be [...]

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