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The Toyota, the mango trees, me and the kid brother, the House. circa 1972
Experiencing life as a minority is very edifying: French Catholic Kindergarten circa 1969. Can you pick out Graham? Hint back row, next to the teach!
Cork skis the Saigon River, circa 1970. No, we didn't have "Satisfaction" playing.
John Everingham and Jade, with me in 1999, while Robin and I were on our way to Vietnam. Now tell me, does he look like Michael Landon, who played him in the movie "Love is Forever?"
Too beautiful a place to get your skull cracked in by an AK-47. The Beach, Grand Pirate Island, Vietnam Sept. 1999
SAS balcony, and the field where little Chester died from a hole in his heart.
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Pick out Middie 4/C Graham
hint: check under Lexington
Fall 1982
One of Capt. Muk's fishing boats
Entrance to SAS Ulu Pandan circa 1977
Chiron's Boat, Grand Pirate Island Sept. 1999
Freedom Day! Consul Frederick Vogel on right. The photo that appeared on newspaper frontpages. Weighing in at a light 148lbs! Copyright AP/Wide World Photo
El Salvador, circa 1985
SAS football field in which Lynn Swann threw us a pass. Team: Robray Raiders. Cork Graham #83.

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